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“Most people use Mozilla Firefox’s web browser to search — but the extreme Left has been using it to search… and destroy. Short-lived CEO Brendan Eich found that out the hard way, when the long-time employee was chased out of his job for holding a view that — at the time — even Barack Obama claimed to subscribe to. Eich, who was under the impression that Mozilla had hired him for his experience not his political views, became the latest trophy on the Left’s wall when it was revealed that he’d given $1,000 to the successful Proposition 8 effort five years ago in California.

Despite Eich’s apology, an unfortunate capitulation to the kind of self-censorship activists demand, he ultimately resigned — joining the growing list of Americans whose reputations and careers are publicly flogged because they dare to express an opinion that reflects the diversity liberals insist they want.”  (article source


Regardless of your political views, if you are disgusted with what Firefox has done some steps to take are outlined below.

1. Share this page

2. Replace Firefox with Google Chrome (safer and faster anyway)

3. Contact Mozilla and let them know how you feel.



How to uninstall Firefox > Go to Start> Control Panel > Programs> Simply highlight Mozilla and uninstall.

Google Chrome Install > Here 


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Honor Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Honor Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  • author: Gerard Macdonald
  • target: Brandeis University in Massachusetts
  •  help us get to 10,000 signatures 

Please share and sign (link to petition)

Brandeis University in Massachusetts announced Tuesday that it had withdrawn the planned awarding of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a staunch critic of Islam and its treatment of women, after protests from students and faculty.

Ali was raised in a strict Muslim family, but after surviving a civil war, genital mutilation, beatings and an arranged marriage, she renounced the faith in her 30s. She has not commented publicly on the issue of the honorary degree.

In 2007, Ali helped establish the AHA Foundation, which works to protect and defend the rights of women in the West from oppression justified by religion and culture, according to its website. The foundation also strives to protect basic rights and freedoms of women and girls. This includes control of their own bodies, access to an education and the ability to work outside the home and control their own income

Thomas Doherty, chairman of American studies, refused to sign the faculty letter. He said it would have been great for the university to honor “such a courageous fighter for human freedom and women’s rights, who has put her life at risk for those values.”


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